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Tomer T. Gutman focuses his practice on trust administration, litigation, and business and property matters. In addition to his legal skills, Mr. Gutm

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Changing custody if my kids are in danger from the stepdad?

My children’s mother remarried about 2 years ago and since that time, the situation between my kids and her new husband has gotten worse. He drinks a lot and is becoming more and more abusive toward them. It started with just emotional abuse – yelling and screaming at them – but he recently slapped my older son in the face and has pushed my younger son several times. The boys want out of that house and I’m worried they aren’t safe anymore. Is their stepfather’s abuse enough to prove full custody of my kids should be given to me? If it is, can I get child support from their mother? She doesn’t work but the stepfather does and earns a lot of money. I can take care of my boys but financially it would be difficult on me because I would need to hire someone to watch them after school until I get off work.
Published on 03/08/21
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What if I want to adopt my baby out but don’t know who father is?

I was seeing several different guys around the time I got pregnant. I was using and wasn’t careful or taking care of myself. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped all drugs and got some help, I did not want to hurt my baby. I’m getting my life together but I’m not ready to be a mom at this point. I want to let another good family adopt and raise my baby. When I talked to an adoption agency in Las Vegas where I live they said I needed to be able to identify the father so they could get his consent to the adoption. I honestly don’t know who the father is or even how to locate some of the guys I was involved with to test them for paternity. What if the father can’t be identified, can an adoption still go through?
Published on 03/08/21
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