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Can I take out life insurance on my husband in the divorce?

I want to divorce my husband and I’d like to use a Jewish lawyer, if possible. My husband ran up a lot of credit card debt in my name during our marriage and I want to take out a life insurance policy on him to protect myself. If he were to die after we get divorced before this debt is paid off I would get stuck with all of it. Does he have to agree to me taking out insurance on him and if he does, can a court order him to do it based on the debt situation? Also, can he be ordered to make payments toward this debt directly?
Published on 03/08/21
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If I lost my parental rights for child abuse can I see my child now?

My parental rights were terminated by Chicago Department of Children and Family Services when my son was 5. They said I was guilty of child abuse. I never hurt him physically, I was hooked on drugs and couldn’t take care of him, so they said it was child abuse neglect. His foster family adopted him against my wishes. He’s 14 now and found out where I live, I never moved away from him after the court case. He’s been contacting me and wants to see me, but says his adoptive family won’t let him. Is there anything I can do to legally see him or have court ordered visitation with him again? I’ve been clean for several years, have a job and have a daughter who is his half-sister. My son should be able to know his birth family.
Published on 03/08/21
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Can I stop all visits due to child abuse by child’s father?

There is a custody order in place giving my daughter’s father weekend overnight visits with her. She’s 2 years old. Based on some of her behaviors recently and some information I’ve recently gotten about my ex, I fear he may be sexually abusing her. I obviously don’t have direct proof, but what I do have is very concerning. I don’t want to send my daughter back to her father’s for this weekend visitation and I told him I wasn’t going to. He said if she is not at his house at 5:00 p.m. on Friday he is going to sue me for contempt of court and send the police to get my daughter and give her to him. Can I stop the visits for now while child abuse is investigated? Can he sue me for contempt and get the police involved if I have good reason to fear for my daughter’s safety with him?
Published on 03/08/21
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